More than a simple cash register, Splash is a real tool allowing you to monitor and manage your activity. It allows intuitive collection and perfect management of your teams and stocks.

Centralize your information

A complete solution.

Intuitive cashout

A user-friendly and clean interface, quick to use and easy to learn, which can work with existing hardware.

Stock management

Optimize and better manage your stock and your automatic orders. Your alerts in real time.

Integration of delivery platforms

Get Uber Eats and Deliveroo orders straight to your checkout.

Employee management

You will be able to monitor and manage the working hours of employees, configure the schedules of each employee, be informed of delays in real time by notification (managers / managers / employees) and be able to make your payslips in two clicks.

Offline mode

Continue to operate normally without internet.


Automatically build loyalty and relaunch your customers thanks to the Youfid tool

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